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Athletes in Action's University Division exists to boldly proclaim the love and truth of Jesus Christ to every university sports man/woman in South Africa and the millions they influence by winning, building, and sending sport-influencers.

The life of an elite athlete is challenging in every way. Extreme pressures and demands, physical stresses as well as expectations from coaches, staff, and the public. From the outside, it seems like a glamorous life-style, but in private, athletes are confronted with the fears and pressures that both drive them and plague them God created us to thrive. Athletes in Action helps athletes and those involved with elite sports discover a new way of living and competing, by looking to our Creator.

South Africa is a sport loving country. From the big stadiums till the community you find sport lovers. It doesn’t matter what community you will visit. Every community has its field or park and you will find people there playing soccer especially when school is over. It will not take a lot of time to find a crowd of kids/youngsters around you that want to join you in a game if you start kicking the ball around on a field. Sport is a language we all speak. It is how we can relax, how we can forget and just enjoy the moment. It’s an amazing tool to reach everyone in a community.